TM Meadows Phase II

TM Meadows Phase II

Lagos mainland


TM Meadows Phase II will be a master planned residential estate to be developed on the Lagos Mainland.


The urban renewal project would comprise of about 40 well-laid out plots for sale, supported with a clubhouse and infrastructure worthy of a modern 21st century residential estate. This is inline with Tetramanor’s goal of bringing modern development to areas long forgotten, thereby creating value for landowners and thousands of people in the vicinity.

Project start is planned for 2022.


So Why the Lagos Mainland?

TM Meadows P2 has been conceived and designed to be a true urban community so that families can live a truly satisfying life.

Due to it's proximity to the Third Mainland Bridge (about 5 mins drive), it is truly at the heart of Lagos and would significantly cut commune times for Lagos Island workers.

Also, for those who work on the Mainland, driving to work and back would always be against traffic, hence shorter times on the road leading to more quality time with loved ones and improved health (and wealth)!

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